Berubah dari hanya sekadar berfungsi mencantikkan permukaan dinding dan lantai, inovasi dan teknologi rekaan jubin hari ini, menjadi satu karya seni moden di dinding dan lantai. Lakaran pelbagai motif tradisional, abstrak, moden sehinggalah keaslian ira batu semulajadi…

Spot On Alex Yeow

The chief executive of MML shares his aspiration to continuosly drive the brand towards becoming the global lifestyle brand for tiles.

Best Tile By A Mile

Having generated a green legacy for over 50 years - from being the country's first mosaic plant to the modern living trendsetter of today - MML is poised for greater (and greener) things.

Italian Inspiration

For a more luxurious experience, bring a sensual feel of romance into the bathroom with gorgeous finishings.


Limestone Inspirations

Driven by passion in enhancing human spaces with its comprehensive collection of porcelain and ceramic tiles,MML celebrates...

Porcelain Festivity

Give your walls and floors some love this holiday season with MML Autumn and Winter tile collection.

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