Living Room Comfort with MML Tiles
01 July 2014
Good floor and wall tiling in your living room creates a great visual impact and helps keep your space cleaner as well. Akin to the hub of entertainment at home, the living room is often the busiest place where our families and guests gather together for a good chat or perhaps to catch a popular daily TV show. With the most activity going on here, every home owner’s dream would be to showcase their living room as a reflection of their own personal style. And since its key function is for socialising, you would want the floor and walls in your living room to evoke a sense of comfort.

Covering the biggest visual areas in the space, the floor and walls should ideally be inviting with aesthetic appeal. Hence, moderate and practical characteristics would work well. Loved for its versatility and ease of maintenance, tiles are the ever popular choice amongst various flooring options. It’s easy to keep dust and dirt at bay, as dust and dirt on tiles are easy to spot and to clean, keeping the environment spick and span.

When it comes to your living room, it is important to choose tiles in colours that give a sense of comfort. As tiles are meant for long term usage and not changed out every now and then, perhaps moderate hues which are easy on the eyes would work well. Shades in brown and grey evoke a secure and pleasing ambience, while lighter shades of white, ivory and beige create a clean, spacious impression. Darker colors add concentration in large spaces but may seem busy if your living room is small, hence stronger hues may be used to accentuate certain wall panels to add a touch of styling.

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