Kitchen Persona with MML Tiles
01 August 2014
Tiling tips with MML.

When it comes to kitchen tiles, what is in trend now?
Tile trends are very much influenced by the latest in fashion and home furnishing. Due to the vast improvement in digital technology, porcelain tiles can be produced to emulate the aesthetics of natural materials such as stones, wood and sand. Wall and floor tiles in rectangular formats and bigger sized formats are becoming more popular. To create a natural random appearance, MML digital tiles come with multiple faces so when installed, the tiles will have a pleasant blend of shades. 

What tiles would be suitable for use in the kitchen?
In high traffic kitchens, tiles with higher traction and easy-to-clean surfaces should be considered. Both specifications tend to contradict each other, as easy-to-clean smooth tiles can be slippery in the greasy kitchen, while rougher surface tiles provide better slip resistance but can be more difficult to clean when greasy. A compromise can be made – tiles with smooth surfaces fit well on the walls, while textured tiles can be used on the floors for a better grip. Alternatively, smooth tiles in smaller sizes will also provide some grip.  

What are things to look out for when purchasing tiles?
Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in a variety of colours, sizes, surfaces and quality. In choosing tiles, you should consider your personal design style. This is reflected in the furniture and kitchenware crockery which has been accumulated or intended to be bought, so it is best to choose tiles which blends in with your design aspiration. It is especially important to look at several pieces of sample tiles in the space where it is intended to be used in. Lighting conditions as well as other colours in the space will alter the appearance of the tiles. For kitchens, it would be good to consider tiling right up to the ceiling for easy maintenance. Always have your floor and wall measurements ready and double check the measurements with your contractor in order to get your tile quantity correct. Normally you would be advised to purchase 5% to 10% extra for wastages.

What sizes and colours of tiles are most desirable in the kitchen?
Basically you can choose any type of sizes and colours, but do bear in mind the practical issues highlighted earlier. As tiles are synonymous with grout lines, understanding line perspective is important to create the illusion of space. 

Are there any tips to arrange the tiles so that the kitchen looks more spacious?
Generally big tiles create an illusion of wider space. A narrow gallery type of kitchen looks more spacious if floor tiles are laid in a diagonal manner. Low ceiling rooms look higher with narrow wall tiles installed vertically. Short width walls can look broader when rectangular tiles are installed in a horizontal manner. The natural light source in your kitchen should also be considered when choosing tile colours. Poorly lit kitchens will look smaller with dark coloured wall tiles.

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