The MML Story
01 December 2014
From the country’s first mosaic seeds to its first eco tile, MML continues to be the trendsetter for modern living. 

In 1964, Kowa Co. Ltd. of Japan and A. Clouet & Co. of France formed a joint venture company, Malaysian Mosaics, producing the country’s first mosaic plant. The products were marketed under the brand MML, hence the story of MML began. 

A Green Legacy, five decades in the Making
Back then when MML was newly established in a small town called Kluang, there was barely any infrastructure for water in the community, what more a factory. Innovative modifications were made to their extensive factory roofs to collect rainwater and complemented by a simple recycling system that enabled them to reuse the water for their manufacturing processes. From water conservation, it became natural to extend a zero waste policy across all processes and materials. So right from the start of its humble beginnings MML had already embraced an eco-compatible approach.

Innovating with Technology and Global Trends
Equipped with modern R&D facilities, MML invests in their own pilot plant for continuous product innovation. Keeping in pace with technology and global trends, MML’s cutting edge digital technology allows them to create advanced digital tile designs, which not only meet the needs of today’s discerning consumers, but allows versatility to customise tile designs to fit the needs of business partners. In a continuous journey to stay ahead of trends, MML closely collaborates with Italian design houses to create design after design, and not all those designs hit the market, as only the best of the best will be launched. With a trusted legacy of 50 years, what keeps MML in the forefront of today’s modern living is the brand’s passion in its craft, combined with its dedication in innovating with technology and design to provide quality products. 

Leading the Green Movement for a Sustainable Future
In year 2012, MML launched Malaysia’s first green tile which was awarded the prestigious Green Label from the Singapore Environment Council. Products certified with the Singapore Green Label are free from harmful chemicals, ozone depleting substances, heavy metals and formaldehyde. 

Today, all products produced from MML’s Plant 3 are certified with the Eco Label by Sirim and Green Label by Singapore Environment Council. This is a natural extension of MML’s environment conscious philosophy. It’s just one aspect of the holistic production and delivery eco-system that has been optimised over the years to reduce carbon footprint. It’s a simple testament of MML’s commitment to enhancing human spaces with top quality products equalled by our dedication to conserving the planet. With the growing trend of green living and zero carbon developments, MML has been leading eco tiling solutions towards a sustainable future.

MML today is a Global Lifestyle Brand
Today, MML offers a full range of porcelain and ceramic tiles, which graces the walls and floors of residential homes and commercial spaces in over 80 countries around the world. Over the years, the brand has received nods for a number of prestigious architectural projects. Sydney Olympics Stadium (Australia), Colson Patisserie (New York), Parliament House (Canberra), Ghazian Island Villas (Dubai), City Centre (Qatar), Edmonton International Airport (Canada), KLIA Mosque (Malaysia), LRT Stations (Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur International Airport (Malaysia) and Suria KLCC (Malaysia) are but a few to name. Also gracing the luxurious showrooms and workshops of international automobile brands, such as Mercedez Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi and Lexus, MML today is truly a homegrown global player.

The brand MML itself does not just stand for its products, but represents individualistic lifestyle preferences. Expressing a contemporary flair of living is now a personalised affair with MML’s well sought after medley of tile designs, sizes and colours. Creating the perfect ambience for every room or space you have in mind, MML helps express the style that is truly your own, so that everyone can showcase their own style. The only matter left to ponder on is, which style is yours?