Archidex 2015
12 - 15 August 2015
From the country’s first mosaic plant to its first eco tile, MML continues to be the trendsetter for modern living by introducing Malaysia’s first Ultra High Definition Digital Technology (UHD) for ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Showcasing the MML® UHD DIGITAL technology at this year’s Archidex 2015, Chief Executive of Malaysian Mosaics Sdn Bhd, Mr Alex Yeow expressed that “Employing the latest ultra high definition German digital technology, we will be introducing a series of innovative tile creations, with intrinsic, subtle detailing which will appeal to consumers who appreciate the finest things in life. MML’s booth concept at this year’s Archidex is inspired by our legacy of being a homegrown global lifestyle brand, combined with the MML® UHD Digital technology. Visitors to the MML booth at Archidex 2015 will witness an exciting fusion of local Malay architecture, advanced technology, and nature-inspired and Malaysian vintage tile concepts.”

The MML® UHD DIGITAL technology represents a new generation of advanced digital tiles. This state-of-art, high-definition German printing technology uses 8-colour digital techniques to create super realistic 3D images on ceramic and porcelain tile surfaces. Its in-built adaptive dot placement technology, allows streak-free and ultra sharp images, patterns and decorations to be printed on all tile surfaces. 

MML® UHD DIGITAL tiles also offer superb flexibility to produce unlimited design creations. Created through the MML® UHD DIGITAL technology, MML® INNOFLEX introduces an advanced 360° rotatable design feature for endless possibilities to showcase your individual ambience concept. When placed side by side, MML® INNOFLEX tiles from the same collection create seamless wall designs. Unique and super modular, MML® INNOFLEX is made for easy creation of exceptional wall designs.