Wall Style MML Tiles
01 June 2014
Adorn your walls with beautiful ceramic tiles in delightful hues and surfaces to fit your design style. When it comes to ceramic wall tiles, MML has a lot to offer in a variety of colours, sizes and surfaces, easily blending in with a wide scale of design concepts. Homeowners have their individual design styles, so in modular sizes, MML ceramic wall tiles are easy to mix and match. Play with an assortment of hues and textures in various sizes to create your desired wall style. For those who prefer the minimalist approach, mount your walls with a single tile design to create a modern monochrome appeal.

Once you have your preferred design in mind, when selecting your tiles it is important to look at several sample tile pieces in the space where you intend to use it, as lighting conditions, as well as different sizes and installation orientations will alter the appearance of the tiles. Dimly light spaces with dark coloured wall tiles may give a visual perception of looking smaller. While rooms with low ceilings may look higher with narrow wall tiles installed vertically, and short width walls generally look broader when rectangular tiles are installed in a horizontal manner.

Don’t forget to also take into consideration the positioning of your furniture and decorative ornaments, as you wouldn’t want to install a beautiful focal wall design and have it blocked or partially covered once completed.

For more information on MML tiles, visit www.mymml.com or call MML careline at 1-300-88-8182.